Tuesday, August 30, 2011

With Bells On: The new (again) trend in denim

Back again! The bell bottom jean, or flare jean is back in stores, magazines and soon to be in this gal's closet!
They were here in the sixties, held strong into the seventies and made a sweeping appearance again in the nineties with the bell openings getting larger and more strange, and eventually morphing into the rave party gear that I myself once donned.
2011 is reintroducing this trend slowly, more conservatively and with an excellent selection of styles with the higher waist line seen in the seventies.
So who is eligible to participate in this resurgence of hippie chic and where can you find a pair?
Just as with any trend, there are some guidelines to consider when deciding if it is for you. I am 5'3 and have more than enough curves, so I will be looking for a dark and clean wash flare that comes in perfectly at the knee and begins a small flare at the shin that gradually gets larger. A well fitting flare can balance out the hip line and create a fabulous hourglass effect. If you have legs for days and a slim build, a wide leg jean may be a great option for you. When choosing your flare leg, fold the bottom of the jean up to the knee of the jean and line the edge up. The excess will let you know the bell to knee ratio. The more extreme the excess, the more extreme the look. To ensure a perfect fit and to create a complete look for this fun and flattering trend,  find a boutique that specializes in premium denim and gives special attention to assisting you in finding the correct and appropriate fit. If you are local to the Atlanta area, check out Straw Dog at the Avenue Forsyth to find the pair for your fall wardrobe www.strawdog.com .

What to wear with it? Flowing blouses,  long wraps, wedge heels, and confidence!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting Dressed

Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to have an outlet to share my passion about putting together an outfit, finding a bargain and thinking outside the box of conventional fashion rules. I believe that clothes can get you promoted, help you find peace and save your marriage! Clothes can do that? Well, the feeling of self confidence that having the right wardrobe can!!!
I wake up every morning and have tips and ideas running through my head that I am just bursting to share with everyone. I am a mom of a sweet little girl, a wife to a busy husband, a business woman, a concert goer, a traveler, a wardrobe stylist, a friend, a crafter, a hiker, a cooker of meals, and so much more.Just like so many other women, I get up every morning and have to get dressed to fit these roles. I dont have it all figured out. In fact, sometimes I just want to stay in pajamas, but....I get dressed, I put on some makeup and I create a look that makes me feel up to it all. Fashion is my art. My closet is my paint. My body is my canvas. I am not an easy fit. I am short, curvy and dont get me started on my combination skin and my hair that does as it pleases. Learning to turn my shortcomings in to my strengths in my personal appearance affected my attitude towards inevitable changes that occured in my life, my body and my responsibilities. Along my journey of 17 years of retail clothing, fashion college and getting myself and my friends dressed for parties, I  have found my style, my peace and my preferred medium. I learned that my real fullfillment lies in helping other women break out of the box ,dress freely and enjoy the process of shopping and getting dressed!