Thursday, January 26, 2012

Singing in the Rain

As I crossed the Georgia line headed back home from my fabulous Florida vacation, I was immediately filled with regret at ever packing my suitcase up and leaving our adorable beach condo behind. The fog and thunderstorms that we left behind a week ago, had apparently lingered and seem intent on turning Atlanta, GA into the new Seattle. After developing a sinus infection, consuming endless amounts of broth and tea, I have decided to quit my belly aching and embrace our winter wetlands with a new direction in my wardrobe. As a nod to the rain inspired Seattle grunge, the current 90s trends and of course, the need to stay dry, I have developed my new look, which I shall call "Singing in the rain"?..."Dry Fashion", "Seattle Savvy","The Wet Look"????Okay, the branding needs some work, but the spirit remains the same; Do not let this wet and dreary weather lead to cobwebs in the closet. A couple of weather appropriate items can serve as supporting roles to your star attraction outfits and leave you looking and feeling anything but under the weather!!