Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shop Smart

Well, I have been told that I do not  know everything (a point that I argued endlessly in my twenties before realizing it was impossibly true), but girlfriends, I can get some shopping done!
Through personal shopping for clients over the years, I have compiled a little list of shopping tips that may just help you get the job done a little more efficiently and pleasurably...

1.Shop somewhere that has many choices and has helpful and honest sales people or bring an honest (but not jealous) friend.
2. Take inventory of your closet before shopping and flip magazines for looks you love. Make a list and  a reasonable budget and stick to it !
3. After buying, leave tags on for at least  a week or until you wear it to make certain it belongs with you. Return or exchange if you feel the item is not fitting the intended purpose.
4. If while looking at an item of interest the words "I will die without it", "I want to have babies with it" or any sort of tears of longing emerge....break the list and buy it (within your financial limits of course)
5. A little wine is fine ladies but do not shop 3 sheets to the wind.Skirt lengths and neckline standards seem to get a bit skewed while heavily under the influence.
6. Do not settle for any item that is just OK, unless...
7. If an item is extremely inexpensive(I mean like ridiculous on sale)  but does not fit just right, consider buying it and having it tailored to fit. Just remember that the tailor cannot make items have more fabric. A size 2 shall not become a size 12 magically no matter how smashing of a color it is on your complexion!...Then again, you could always have a scarf made.
8. When possible, go shopping with a smidgen of a done do and at least some mascara on.
9. Bring Heels but don't wear them shopping
10. Attitude is everything. If it looks like poo, chalk it up to: "This does not fit well", "This is not made for my body" but NEVER "I hate my body...I need to lose weight...nothing looks  good on me..." etc. If you approach your shopping in a state of self loathing, you have already failed.
Happy Shopping Ladies!  Please comment with your own personal shopping tips, musings, stories or questions about personal pitfalls.